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Zavod Torgmash, OOO
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History of Enterprise Zavod Torgmash, OOO

LLC TORGMASH Plant is founded 09.12.1941 on the basis of the evacuated Kharkiv plant "Mekhanolit". The plant on part of the territory of the former artel "Metalloshtamp" which on the basis of the resolution of the Perm Economic council No. 129 of May 26, 1956 was merged into the Perm plant of trade mechanical engineering is located. From 1942 to 1945 the plant specialized in the basic in release of aviaammunition for the Soviet Army. In 1944-1946 the plant begins to turn out civil products. It, generally weights, coppers, planes, the manual meat grinder No. 22 with a productivity of 40-60 kg an hour, carts warehouse, scales of "Veranzhe". In 1947 - 1949 years the plant bases release of the meat grinder manual No. 561. In 1950-1952 masters and produces in lots: the pump manual RN-1 for beer, the manual meat grinder No. 661, the mechanical meat grinder No. 664, the mechanical potato peeler No. 568. In 1953-1954 the plant masters serial release of the universal drive with a set of cars 622-I, II, III, IV, V, X, XI. In 1958 the plant mastered serial release of the universal drive No. 922 for meat shops of the universal drive No. 723 for vegetable shops and the kremovzbivalny car 6-96. In 1958 the plant mastered the universal drive with a set of universal drives 622, 922, 723. meat grinders mechanical No. 564, 632, 76, KA-150 potato peeler, kremovzbivalny car 6-96, reducers of worm, manual pumps, weights, gas stoves, beds and agricultural stock. In 1976 - 1983 years the plant continues to turn out earlier mastered products, and also masters a mass production of the products EMB-2, PUVZ-0,4, the drive-0,11, MV-6 beater, testomes for MTM-15 stiff dough, a samovar - a souvenir. Since 1991 the plant began release of a frying pan with a teflon covering and enamel coverings. The plant was prepared for release of the universal kitchen car (UKC). During 1992-1993 lets out: 4 sets of the P-II drive, 4 sets of the car of UKM, universal small-sized car of UMM-PR and UMM-PS, equipment of sausage shop OKTs-350, stationary M-250 meat grinder, stationary vegetable cutter of OM-300. KIU-300 food chopper, and also aluminum frying pans, the EMSh-30/100-3 electromeat grinder and frying pans with teflon and enamel coverings. In 1994 - 1996 the plant in addition to products which are turned out in 1992 - 1993 years makes: a kutter K-20, the stationary M-600 meat grinder, the dough mixing MTM-110 car, the testodelitelny MTD-1 car, the AShZ-1 grain peeling unit, installation for cleaning and washing of UPZ-300 grain, the mechanism for MIZ-1 grain crushing, the unit of purification of AOZ-1 grain, the car for production of MPMI-20 pasta, a drying cabinet of ShS-30 for drying of pasta, five types hleboform for baking of bread and other products. Now LLC TORGMASH Plant makes universal kitchen cars of UKM, stationary meat grinders and vegetable cutters of various power, a testomesa and beater, the potato peeler.


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