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Zavod Torgmash, OOO
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About enterprise Zavod Torgmash, OOO

LLC "Plant" Torgmash "specializes in the production of mechanical trade and technological equipment for public catering enterprises: Universal kitchen machine UKM is produced and equipped with various types of replaceable attachments: Vegetable-wiping mechanism MO - for cutting vegetables (with stainless steel discs with hardened sharpened knives ) and rubbing boiled potatoes. Meat grinder MM (full unger) - for cooking minced meat. Beater VM for 25 liters with 3 whisks - for beating confectionery mixtures. Sifter MP - for sifting flour. Ripper MP - for meat chops. MI chopper - for grinding rusks and spices. Stationary meat grinder M - 75 (UKM-10), M-50S, M-80Ch (worm gear), UKM - 11 (OM - 300) vegetable cutting and wiping machine (2-speed motor). UKM - 11 - 01 vegetable cutting machine. UKM - 11 - 02 rubbing machine. Stationary meat grinder M - 250 (UKM-12). Flour sifter MPM - 230 (UKM-13). UKM - 14 (MV-25) machine for whipping and mixing. Stationary meat grinder M - 600. Kneading machine MTM - 110 (with one bowl). Kneading machine for tough dough MT-15M-2. Potato-cleaning machine K-150, K-200, K-300.

Delivery of products to 85 regions.

LLC "Plant" Torgmash "supplies products to the regions of Russia and the countries of the Near Abroad.

Regular customers of our enterprise are state institutions of Russia at all levels (military ministries and departments), educational and medical institutions (kindergartens, schools, institutes, hospitals, sanatoriums and boarding houses), social and cultural facilities (hotels) and, of course, thousands of private restaurants, bars, cafes and canteens.



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